Getting to the bottom of those fish kills

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Someone might finally figure out why there have been so many fish kills in the Trout River watershed.

An environmental scientist is conducting a water monitoring study this growing season on the Barclay Brook, which feeds into Trout River.

The common belief has been that agricultural chemicals entering the stream in run-off during heavy rainfall is the cause of fish deaths. The study will examine that possibility as well as other possible causes.

The equipment being used by researchers is said to be sophisticated enough to detect even small amounts of chemicals that enter the stream. It will also monitor other potential water quality issues, like sediment, oxygen level and water temperature.

It could very well be that several factors are at play. Chemical companies are funding the study. They might not have been so likely to do so if they believed chemical were the only cause of the problem. If the study is successful in pinpointing cause(s), then it will be up to those parties that contribute to the problem to come up with solutions. Maybe even the chemical companies.

Solutions have to be found and fish deaths need to be prevented. And not just for the sake of the fish. If something is harming fish in the watershed, it’s likely harming people, plants and animals, too.

That’s the bottom line.



Bring on play

Here comes summer on P.E.I. and, with it, school closings, high school graduations and more time to enjoy the great outdoors.

Of course, there is always heightened concern this time of year about summer parties, drinking and driving and other destructive behaviour. With school out and families on summer vacation, this time of year does provide people with more freedom. It is just so important to keep safe so that a little extra freedom does not cause a whole lot of suffering.

With June 21 generally recognized as offering the most daylight of any day of the year, several communities, through Go! P.E.I., are hosting longest day of play events this evening.

Taking in some outdoor activities is a great way to get this summer started.

Play fair and stay safe.

Geographic location: Trout River, P.E.I.

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