A tragic reality

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There are so many things in life taken for granted.


We all follow our daily routines – we get up, we go to work, we come home to our families and friends.

Most of our jobs are in professions that allow us the luxury of being complacent, counting on the next day to be pretty much like the previous one.

But there are those among us who don’t have that luxury. They face danger on a daily basis.

That tragic reality was realized Wednesday night, when three Moncton RCMP officers lost their lives and two others were injured in a senseless and unprovoked attack by one man.

When those police officers went to work Wednesday morning, they knew the risk they were facing, it’s one they deal with every day.

It’s a risk their families also understood as their spouses work every day to ensure the safety of others.

These are special individuals with families who experience and feel the potential danger a loved one could be facing. They may not be going on the actual call for help but their hearts and their minds are with their spouse, or son, or daughter who is placing their safety at risk to help others.

But this is a crime unfamiliar to this area.

This is a big city crime not one usually associated with Atlantic Canada. Or it wasn’t, until Wednesday. It shows how one individual can change the fabric of a family, a community, a province and even a region with one horrendous act.

In a show of “family” police officers from Summerside, Charlottetown the Prince Edward Island RCMP L Division, along with law enforcement agencies from other provinces went to Moncton to help in the capture of the murderer.

Our police have a job that not too many of us would want to do. It’s dangerous, stressful and sometimes unappreciated.

When something happens, as it did in Moncton, it drives home the point, and painfully so, the risk law enforcement officers deal with on a daily basis.

As a community, we need to show our unyielding support for the men and women who patrol our streets day and night, keeping our neighbourhoods and our families safe. We need to appreciate what they do - fight crime. We have to do all we can to help them do their job.


Geographic location: Moncton, Atlantic Canada, Summerside Charlottetown

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