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A couple more stop signs would be a cheap fix to a problem intersection in Summerside. However, the city council, the technical services department and even the police don’t seem to think it’s a problem that needs fixing.

On Monday another accident occurred at the intersection of Notre Dame and Duke Streets.

This is certainly not the first accident to happen there. Nearby residents noted that there have already been a handful of incidents at this intersection so far this year – in just three months.

Summerside Police Chief Dave Poirier noted that there were only three reported collisions at this intersection in 2012 and 2013.

The chief said drivers seem to get confused at this intersection and assume it’s a four-way stop, just like the other four-way stops on both these streets.

The problems with this particular intersection have come before city council twice so far in 2014 just as they have in years previous.

On several occasions residents have been airing their safety concerns and requesting that four-way stop signs be installed.

A couple of years ago the city council considered making it a four-way stop but then decided against it. When it was raised again at city council in January and February, the idea of the four-way stop was again dismissed.

At the council’s January meeting, Chief Poirier noted that the three motor vehicle accidents that occurred there in the previous two years were all non-injury and were proven to be the fault of the driver or driver inattention.

He said that in two of those accidents, the vehicles that were stopped on Duke Street at the stop sign assumed it was a four-way stop and proceeded through the intersection and were struck by another vehicle travelling down Notre Dame.

However he also told council that, “I don’t know if a four-way stop is going to cure all.”

Well if it “cured” just those two accidents that occurred because the drivers thought it was a four-way stop, then the two new stops signs would be well worth their cost.

Even though there had been “only” three accidents there in two years, there have been a couple in the past three months, including the one this week. How many accidents does it take to require action to be taken?

This corner is also where Notre Dame Park is located, so there are a number of children in this area during the warmer months.

In Monday’s accident, one of the cars ended up on top of a large snowbank. If the snow wasn’t there, the car could have ended up into the fence surrounding the park, or even in the park.

There are four-way stops along both Notre Dame and Duke Street. One more surely won’t impede traffic too much. Having the vehicles travelling Notre Dame St. make one more stop, make take a few extra seconds, but it could end up saving one life or more.

Geographic location: Notre Dame Park, Summerside

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Recent comments

  • Your Name
    April 09, 2014 - 15:10

    How about learning how to use a stop sign? That would also prevent the accidents. That road is a nuisance already with a stop sign every 100 yards. I'm glad gas is cheap, that makes it economical to stop every 6 seconds.

  • SomeSense
    April 09, 2014 - 14:11

    Well they could put a stop sign at every intersection too. Those who think it a 4 way stop when it is not marked as such are the problem not the fact that it is not a 4 way stop. If they drove with care and attention the accidents would not have happened blaming it on their assumption that the other street would stop is just easy and I am sure if they were 4 way stops then you would find those and many others would roll through them even more in every direction. 4 ways stops should be used sparingly if anything I think they could get by with a couple less around town.