The art of the productive storm day

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Remember those glory days of childhood when alarm clocks would go off only for your mom to yell up the stairs that there’s no school for the day.

Those were as close as possible to perfect moments for a child.

No more pencils, no more books - we all know the rhyme.

You had two options from that point.

  1. Go back to sleep.
  2. Get up and squeeze in as much play time as humanly possible.

Into adulthood, our snow day options are not as black and white. Assuming we get a snow day.

But there’s still something special about those rare days when we have basically no option to but to bunker down and wait for Mother Nature to take her pound of flesh.

On these days, the inevitable question arises, what to do with yourself?

Our advice?

Be selfish.

Channel your inner child and do something fun, something you like doing for yourself.

Stress can be a big problem in our world today, storm days shouldn’t necessarily add to all that.

Instead, we should treat them as an opportunity to de-stress a bit, learn something new or spend quality time with family.

So the taxes can wait another day. There’s more snow to replace what you shovelled off your deck. That load of laundry can wait a few more hours.

Kids off school for the day? Build a snow fort, or depending on the weather, a pillow fort with your little ones.

Have older kids who are enjoying a few more precious hours of video games? Pick up a book and blanket(extra awesome points if you have a fireplace to cuddle up to.)

Better yet, if you have access to Internet, start doing some research on that new hobby you’ve always wanted to pursue but never had time for.

Gardening? Motorcycling? Knitting? Everything you could ever want to know is right at your fingertips. Use this free time to learn more about it.

Even if it’s only an hour out of your storm day, use it on yourself.

You will be better off for it, and by extension, so will everyone around you.

To learn more about stress, its health affects and how to properly manage it, go online to that section of Health Canada’s website at:

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