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"Who, being loved, is poor?" - Oscar Wilde.

This quote was found through a Google search for Valentine's Day quotes and was dug out from under the mountain delivered by the Internet.

There were some that were long and flowery. Others were flippant or condescending.

This one seemed to fit.

It's short, uncomplicated and sweeter the more you think about it.

Kind of like Valentine's Day itself.

It's only one day (short).

You can squeak by the bare minimum with chocolates or some small act of love (uncomplicated).

And when you get past all the commercial tropes and unrealistic social pressures of Valentine's Day it's actually a nice premise (sweet.)

That premise is essentially to show love for a fellow human being.

Love doesn't have to be expressed by skywriters - it can be little things that make other people feel good.

Whether that's telling a friend that they look nice in that new outfit, helping a neighbour carry their groceries, or buying coffee for the person behind you in line - it all counts, and it's all appreciated.

Take the example of UPEI students Jeleasa Hicken and Nicolle Victor. They bought lunch for some random guy at a café in Charlottetown earlier this week.

That guy turned out to be a Guardian reporter, who quickly tracked the young women down and wrote a short article about their act of kindness.

They quickly became the toast of the town for their simple act - for which they never expected to get any attention.

It could be argued that kindness is a pure form of love. If so, these young women are certainly acting in the spirit of Valentine's Day. Even if they were a few days early. We should all follow their example and spread a little love this Valentine's Day.

Short. Uncomplicated. Sweet. Love.

Organizations: Google

Geographic location: Charlottetown

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