The politics of announcements

Updated at 12:48 - It’s not unusual, just before a provincial or federal election campaign, that the governing party makes a rash of funding...

No spare change

Updated on February 08, 2016 - There are good things in the budget delivered Monday by the City of Summerside. Too bad the baffling and irresponsible double-digit...


A preoccupation that works

Updated on February 05, 2016 - Even though a roundabout might be the best option, a Bloomfield Corner businessman has a good point: Transportation officials...

Kudos to Heather

Updated on January 31, 2016 - THUMBS UP To Heather Moyse on her most recent accomplishment of climbing Vinson Massif in Antarctica.

Food for thought  

Updated on February 07, 2016 - THUMBS UP To Summerside Presbyterian Church for being good neighbours to the students at nearby Three Oaks Senior High School.

Time to walk alone

Updated on February 03, 2016 - It was an opportunity for civic leaders to take a progressive, inspiring even, step forward; in the end it was anything but. The...

Time for fairness

Updated on January 29, 2016 - In light of a Human Rights tribunal’s ruling that the federal government has short-changed on-reserve children of social services,...


Other news

Other news