Seinfeld didn’t disappoint

Noah Richardson
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Iconic TV funny man and the face of "Seinfeld," one of the most successful sitcoms ever created, Jerry Seinfeld hit Summerside’s Credit Union Place for a concert stop earlier this month.

I attended the show, with perfect seats three rows from the stage. The event was very enjoyable from start to finish and for the most flowed seamlessly. Arriving at 6:30, I realized that I probably should have picked up my tickets earlier, as the front lobby was a zoo with fans waiting in line to both pick up tickets and enter Eastlink Arena.

The staff proved to be very efficient in getting tickets handed out and instructing fans to their seats. However, the chaos in the lobby is something that I hope will be resolved before Summerside lands its next large scale event. After having our tickets promptly taken, my guest and I had no difficulty in finding our seats on the floor.

By 6:55, the stage still empty and the audience awaiting the arrival of Mario Joyner the opening act, the atmosphere was already beginning to feel electric. The audience, over 3,000 strong echoed with cheers and applause as Joyner dressed in a dark suit darted onto the stage to grab the mic and rev up the crowd before the highly anticipated act of Jerry Seinfeld.  

My expectations for Joyner weren’t entirely high, as I had never heard of him or his act, but I was pleasantly surprised. Joyner had the audience in stitches of laughter just minutes into his 15 minute act, where he quipped about Summerside and the people of Prince Edward Island. As someone who is fairly foreign to the art of comedy, I found Joyner to be both hilarious and relatable. He communicated well with the audience and kept us captivated and laughing as he joked about a variety of things from technology to flight attendants.

For an opening act, Joyner proved to be a comedian of excellent calibre who prepared us for the roaring laughter to come. It was instantly after Joyner left the stage to thunders of applause and whistling from eager fans, that the renowned TV character and comedian, none other than Jerry Seinfeld danced onto the stage in a grey suit and a blazing yellow tie.

With no introduction, Seinfeld picked up the mic and began his routine which was nothing short of neither wit nor convivial jokes. Wanting to win over the audience early on, the headliner talked briefly about how much he was enjoying his stay in Summerside, mentioning how beautiful the boardwalk was – he took a stroll on it. The master of comedy had the audience in stitches of laughter for over his entire spectacle, which lasted an uproarious hour and a half. As I scanned the arena for crowd reaction, I saw nothing but pleasant and smiling faces full of appreciation for Seinfeld and comedic craft.

The co-creator and star of “Seinfeld” held the attention of his fans that evidently seemed to adore his approach to comedy; shouts of “We love you Jerry” were audible from voices from across the arena.

With a variety of voices, including that used by stereotypical women when mimicking their husbands, the comedian only stopped his routine briefly a handful of times to drink from the staple glass of water placed on the stool.

“You’ve got to hydrate,” quipped Seinfeld referring to a sketch from earlier on in his monologue.

Seinfeld was quick on his feet, switching topics before the audience quit laughing at the previous joke. A wide range of subjects were discussed in a light manner, from coffee, to cellphones, to our society’s communication problems.

“We don’t want to talk anymore, if you had a choice between talk or type, you’re gonna type.” 

The show proved to be light, whimsical and very true to the typical lifestyles of ordinary people. I highly anticipated this show and Seinfeld didn’t disappoint – not in the least. As a teenager who knows that big movie studios and comedians use crude and often much too vulgar humour to engage their audience, I appreciated immensely that Seinfeld kept his language clean and his stand-up routine didn’t revolve around sexual or derogatory references.

The show was for the most part a family oriented one. In his act, he connected very well with the audience and was complimentary to Summerside as a host city. I was very satisfied with the show, the comedy and Seinfeld’s style. It was a real pleasure watching the master of comedy and the star of a television show still airing reruns, up close and personal.

Thank you Mr. Seinfeld for allowing me to laugh out loud and remember how fun life can be!


Noah Richardson is a Summerside student who writes on topics of interest to young people.

Organizations: Credit Union Place

Geographic location: Summerside, Prince Edward Island

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