Profit’s Pond will rise again

Eric McCarthy
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ROSEBANK -- Profit’s Pond in Rosebank will rise again, but before it does, it needs to go deeper.
Excavation equipment got to work Wednesday digging silt, clay and vegetation from the acre-and-a-half pond bed. Except for a narrow stream winding through it, the pond is dry. Only during spring run-offs does it sometimes fill to overflowing, observed John Lane, the coordinator of the Cascumpec Bay Watershed Association Inc. (CBWA).

The stop logs have been out of the pond’s dam since the mid 1990s when the West Prince Wildlife Federation stopped using it as a salmon-rearing facility. The pond needs to be dug down so that it can sustain about 10 to 12 feet of water, Lane said. Just putting in the stop logs without digging out the pond bed, he explained, would result in a shallow pond which would heat up to levels too dangerous for supporting fish during the summer months, he explained. As well, the vegetation has to be removed otherwise it would decay in the pond and deplete the water of its oxygen.

Lane said the water level has to be raised so that the water will go over the dam once again and activate the dam’s fish ladder. Without the fish ladder, fish cannot get upstream to the pond and beyond.

CBWA has been doing work on the stream the last three years to prepare for such a project. It recently obtained $21,000 from the Federal Government through its Recreational Fisheries Program, and matched the contribution with its own funds, achieved through fundraising and donations.

Lane said the project, being carried out by Kildare Construction, should be completed by mid to late September. It includes work to the fish ladder and rock barriers below the fish ladder.

The stop logs will be put back in and the water level will be raised in time for the fall run and will be kept up and monitored throughout the winter.

The pond, Lane said, should help catch spring silt which otherwise would be deposited downstream. He acknowledges the silt might have to be dredged out again at some point in the future, but he admitted he has been seeing less issues with silt in recent years.

Lane said there are no immediate plans to stock the pond, as the CBWA is confident fish numbers will rebound naturally.

A second phase of the project is in the works, one which will utilize some of the clay removed from the pond bed to enlarge a parking area, and the addition of platforms and pathways so that people with mobility issues will have easy access for fishing at the pond.


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