Dunn not taking motion defeat quietly

Eric McCarthy
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ALBERTON -- An Alberton town councillor responsible for looking at ways to extend the town’s boundaries expressed disappointment this week after Mayor Michael Murphy broke a tie vote, which defeated her motion to have the town’s human resources policy publicly reviewed.

“We don’t have a human resources policy on staff evaluation, performance management, that type of thing,” Natasha Dunn said in support of her motion for a policy review.

“I’m a little bit off here; I thought you were working on extending town boundaries?” Mayor Murphy enquired before casting his dissenting vote.

When Dunn explained that Municipal Affairs officials suggested the town get its own house in order before looking at extending boundaries, the mayor acknowledged the town still hasn’t looked at all of its policies but suggested, “that should not stop you from moving ahead with looking at ways to acquire some of this for Alberton to grow.”

Three councillors voted with the motion and three opposed. Councillor Claudia Gallant led the charge against it. “What are we going over our human resources policies for?” she asked.

“We will look at the policies when we have time. Right now I’m voting against it,” the mayor said in defeating the motion. The meeting carried on without any further discussion on the motion or the outcome of the vote, but Dunn, who has butted heads with the mayor on several issues since her election 18 months ago, subsequently penned her reaction.

“Municipal Affairs under the effective leadership of director Albert MacDonald, strongly recommended that we as a council, need to get our house in order.  Alberton Town Council has since reviewed and effectively revised two fire policies, but this is only a tip of the ice berg, we have many more policies to work on,” Dunn said in issuing a news release critical of the mayor’s stance.

“As councillors, we need to draw from the wealth of knowledge and insight from the people of Alberton. By having the meeting open to the public, there could be suggestions coming from the floor that we had never entertained or didn't think of,” Dunn argued.

Organizations: Alberton Town Council

Geographic location: Alberton

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Recent comments

  • Outsider looking in
    May 17, 2014 - 17:52

    Now that the former manor lot is almost complete (and looking good) it will certainly be interesting to see what the mayor wants this "GREEN SPACE" for or "WHO" He seems to do what he wants in the Town of Alberton " GUESS IT DOES HELP TO BE THE MLA' BROTHER"

  • Stephen
    May 17, 2014 - 16:06

    For those of you not from Alberton area and wondering what the deal is, breakdown time. This is 100 percent Natasha is trying to build up her political profile, nothing else. She ran for Mayor against him in 2009 and lost by only 2 votes and said some things that hurt her in trying to re-offer. She decided to run for council and won. She wants to run for the PC Party next election to challenge the Mayor's brother who is the Liberal MLA. Murphy trying to make her look bad to save his brother, she's trying to make him look bad to help run down his brothers name. Just stupid useless small town politics. He doesn't know how to read policies and she doesn't know how to follow policies. She goes on about the manor being demolished but guess what, it was vacant for 3-4 years. It was time. It was an eyesore. She said there was interest, where was it when the call for tenders came out multiple times over the years? I'm all in favor for doing something with it but if no immediate plans knock it down. I want to see both of them gone. This isn't healthy at all.

    • upwester 2
      May 26, 2014 - 10:05

      Stephen you hit the nail right on the head

    May 17, 2014 - 14:52

    Another version of Family Feud. It's the same three councillors and the mayor against the other three, regardless of the issue. It is actually quite disgusting to see the way these 4 treat Councillor Dunn, who seems to be the only one on council with an original thought. I think it's time the PEIFM take a closer look at the disfunctionality of town council. Boss Hogg can't be allowed to exist in this day and age. Keep going at them Daisy Duke.

  • Nick
    May 17, 2014 - 03:20

    How many levels of government does that group of 1000 people need?

  • linda Dunne
    May 16, 2014 - 20:33

    Why is it every time Natash Dunn puts forward a motion or an idea, Murphy goes against it. Is he afraid of that she may defeat him in an election? Mayor Murphy, vot for waht is good for the Town not just vote against Dunn. I think a little bit of fear is being shown here, that a woman may defeat you. Still watching to see what happens with the Old Manor site, must be a reason why that was pushed through so quickly. Looking forward to see who is going to benefit from that fiasco. Makes good reading but no sense.

  • JM
    May 16, 2014 - 18:17

    Uh oh. Looks like a 2009 rematch of Murphy vs Dunn in the fall municipal election for mayor. Only 2 votes separated them that night, Mike getting 252 and Natasha getting 250. I wonder where former Mayor Perry Morrell's 16 votes are going to swing?

    • Alberton bound
      May 16, 2014 - 20:26

      I have bee following the Alberton Council meetings as published in the paper for over 15 years. What is going on with Murphy and Dunn is getting to be repeative. She suggests a motion a oran idea and he shoots it down. I think he is a( little ???) bit intimadated by Dunn. Mayor Murphy vote for what is best for the Town, not vote against avery motion Dunn puts forward. Are you afraid to be ousted by a woman. I don't personally know Murphy or Dunn but I can see from reading the paper that she comes up wiyh very good ideas. Too bad she doesn't get any support. I forsee a Natasha Dunn Mayor in the future!