Trinity United presents Da Vinci’s 'Last Supper'

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By Maddie Keenlyside/Journal Pioneer

The troupe performed without their beards during Wednesday’s dress rehearsal. Alex Davies played Jesus, center, and Sara Caissie, left of center, played the disciple John. All actors are members of the church, and some have acting training.

On April 17, just in time for Easter weekend, Summerside’s Trinity United Church performed a play based on Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” painting.


The famous work depicts the last meal Jesus and his disciples had before he was crucified, says Rev. Andrew Richardson.

“What’s just transpired is Jesus has said ‘One of you will betray me.’ And the painting is the reaction to that.”

With an actor playing each of the disciples and Jesus, including two women and two high school students, each had a monologue to perform, he said.

Alex Davies played Jesus – the lead role, so to speak – and this is his second year in the play.

“I don’t do a lot,” he laughed, lifting his arms in the air as he does in the still life performance. “My arms get really tired after an hour.”   

Sara Caissie, one of the high school students, said it’s her first year in the play. She  portrayed John, the “beloved” disciple.

Caissie noted that some speculate Da Vinci’s John might have been a portrayal Mary Magdalene.

“So I had a lot of fun researching a little about that. And I also love the line I get to say, which is ‘for God so loveth the world, He gave His only son.’”

Keith Small, performing as Matthew, said he has been in the church’s play for around 10 years.

“I’ve played the same part. It gets easier each year,” he laughed.

Richardson said in the play, after Jesus speaks, each disciple then performs his or her monologue in reaction.

“There’s music, contemporary music, done by our own singers and band, and that’s kind of interspersed throughout the play.”

And you don’t necessarily have to be religious to appreciate it, he said.

“I think people would find it engaging because it’s an actual recreation of the Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece.”

Directed by Susan England, a retired teacher, and Jennifer McDonald, music director, the actors are all members of the church.


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