Summerside has first mayoral candidate

Mike Carson
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John Curtis announces candidacy

SUMMERSIDE – Summerside resident John Curtis is the first out of the gate in announcing he will be running for the officer of mayor in the November municipal election.

John Curtis


Curtis is combining provincial and federal concerns along with his priorities for the city of Suimmerside.

“People are going to say my issues go beyond Municipal politics however a mayor from eastern P.E.I. already commented on dividing P.E.I. into two Employment Insurance regions,” Curtis said. “The reason I am announcing my candidacy for Mayor now because I am sick of the status quo on P.E.I. and I want to take P.E.I. in a new political direction using the two Employment Insurance regions.”

He said P.E.I. has too many federal, provincial and municipal politicians and as a result Summerside and Charlottetown gain while the rest of P.E.I. pays

“I support the Harper government making a reference to the Supreme Court of Canada to abolish or reform the Senate of Canada,” Curtis said. “I want to separate P.E.I. into two federal ridings using the Employment insurance regions.  One federal riding representing Charlottetown and one federal riding representing the rest of P.E.I.”

The candidate said he also wants to start a process of eliminating and reducing Island politicians.

“I am sick and tired of P.E.I. having too many politicians,” he said. “It is too difficult to bring change and too many people get political treatment while the taxpayers pay.  Mayor Basil Stewart and Mayor Clifford Lee demand government jobs and all Islanders then pay higher personal income taxes. Wes Sheridan refused to index personal income taxes while the province has moved people from Education and Health P.E.I. into other government departments.”

Curtis wants to see Canada Pension increased for all Islanders and EI premiums reduced.

“I am telling politicians the common family can't afford to pay both high Canada Pension premiums and high Employment Insurance premiums,” the candidate said. “In order to increase Canada Pension, the federal government has to decrease Employment Insurance premiums and cut federal spending across Canada and on P.E.I.  It is a double edge sword. I'm 55 years old. I have no problem increasing Canada Pension.  There isn't a federal, provincial or municipal politician on P.E.I. who can prove ordinary Islanders or businesses can afford to pay both high Employment Insurance premiums and Canada Pension premiums.”

He said he wants to change Charlottetown’s Employment Insurance region to exclude Nine Mile Creek, Savage Harbour and Tracadie Bay.

“I was taught along time ago to look beyond P.E.I.,” Curtis said. “I know by challenging the Status Quo, I won't win.   I know if the status quo remains P.E.I. won't have any Young People and without Young People P.E.I. has no future.  62% of P.E.I’s GDP comes from government spending. No one has explained how businesses dependent on government spending will increase wages, pay Employment Insurance and pay increased Canada Pension.”

Organizations: Employment Insurance, Islanders, Supreme Court of Canada Senate of Canada

Geographic location: P.E.I., Summerside, Charlottetown Suimmerside Eastern P.E.I. Iceland Canada Mile Creek Tracadie Bay

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Recent comments

  • billy
    March 05, 2014 - 16:42

    .......please dear this ALL we have to offer.................think I'll move...........

  • KW
    March 05, 2014 - 11:01

    IMHO, if this fine gentleman wants to be a serious candidate for mayor he must drop the 'I' and start using 'We.' Of course, narrowing his vision a wee bit - to focus just on the city of Summerside - would also help his campaign. Otherwise his candidature will be as relevant as the senate is now to our dear western capitol, nowhere near the top of the list of municipal concerns. For example maybe he could promise that as mayor he would never do a photo-op with any provincial or federal politician. But then that sounds uncooperative to I actually think his opening press release has fatally wounded his campaign. Next.

  • John A
    March 05, 2014 - 10:23

    He barely even mentioned a city platform. Maybe he should run provincially, or stick to writing angry letters and tweets about the "system." From his twitter account: John W A Curtis ‏@johnwacurtis 13 Feb 2011 The Ghiz government served paper on me in July 2010 but didn't respond when I demanded 55 million dollars