Canadian Lobster Council looks to brand product

Mike Carson
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SUMMERSIDE - In late 2013, the Lobster Council of Canada chose Revolve Branding Inc., a creative agency with a proven track record of building strong brand identities, to work with the Lobster Council.


Its mandate is to brand brand task group, made up of industry representatives, to develop a brand identity that can be used in future marketing and promotion in domestic and international markets.

The Canadian lobster brand identity will be developed following in-depth consultations with key industry stakeholders on a regional, national, and international level. The brand identity will support both live and processed lobster and leverage current marketing efforts by Canadian seafood companies and organizations.

“It’s a pretty much straight up branding product,” said Geoff Irvine, executive director of the Lobster Council of Canada. “The first part of it will be research, talking to our customers, the industry’s customers and the industry itself, building up a profile of the brand. We’re looking at the DNA of the lobster brand. Then, we’ll develop a visible identity of the brand that companies can use and launching it March or April.

We’re getting a lot of good feedback rom the industry.”

He said the brand is for companies to use in international markets where the Canadian brand image is very strong.

“The idea is that overtime it will help our prices,” Irvine said. “It helps build our image. It helps build our industry.”

He said once the image is developed, it will be launched internationally.

“We’ll use it as a big piece of what we hope will be a generic marketing and promotion campaign,” Irvine said.

Funding of the campaign is another step the council needs to take to make the branding effort work.

“We need things like the industry levy to happen,” he said. “We need the industry to invest in marketing campaign and this is a great way to start it.

Irvine said the levy is one of the key recommendations from the Maritime Lobster Report.

“That’s a very important document and one we’ll be using to guide our work for a while,” he said. “There are 33 recommendations and the core ones are called the value recovery strategy of which the key part is the industry levy.”

Irvine said under the levy plan it is recommended that those involved in the industry pay one cent per pound per pound of lobster caught and processed.

“The levy is a recommended penny per pound levy from the shipping side/processing side and the fishing side,” he said. “That would fund a comprehensive generic marketing campaign, a research function and, potentially, a price setting structure.” 



Organizations: Lobster Council of Canada

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