Chamber says Canada Post cuts acceptable

Mike Carson
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Sees issues for businesses

SUMMERSIDE – The Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce sees Canada Post cuts as a double-edged sword.


“Our first response would be, as a chamber, we’ve been advocating for all levels of government to be more fiscally responsible,” said chamber president Patrick McSweeney. “So, when we see Canada Post has huge losses which are being subsidized by us, the taxpayer, in both personal, corporate and business taxes, we say ‘yes’ they have that requirement and responsibility to become more fiscally responsible.”

He said this could change the way members conduct their businesses.

“Unfortunately, that probably is going to mean the cost to our members, our businesspeople, their costs for business are going up because the cost of stamps is going up,” McSweeney said. “Some of our members are going to say since the cost of business is going up they may look for alternatives to get their products, their invoices, their mail to their members. So, we see our members being affected by cost.

He said another area where members may be affected would be a delay in the service.

“It’s hard for us to go to the federal government and say to be fiscally responsible and then be critical of a Crown corporation that is trying to do that. If they don’t reduce their costs, as a businessperson, does that mean my stamps are going to go to $3 instead of $1? If they continue to try and offer the same service they’re offering into the rural areas, how do they get the revenue back for that?”

McSweeney didn’t think that a simple reduction in mail service would solve the financial problems facing Canada Post.

“Delivering maybe three days a week, in my mind, does that reduce the cost?” he asked. “Whatever they can do. If they can look at alternatives to become more fiscally responsible, we would encourage them to do that.”

Unfortunately, what this could be is one of those things that just keeps snowballing,” McSweeney said. “If our members finds ways to deliver their product, that means Canada Post makes that much less money and has to put the cost up again. It certainly could spiral.”                                                                                                                                                                                                          

He said this may be an opportunity for private industry to get involved or service clubs. “We have Meals on Wheels. Mmaybe some volunteer group or club could volunteer and pick up mail for seniors,” he said. “Our message is they have to be fiscally responsible but our members costs may go up and as businesspeople we’ll have to make the business decision as whether we continue to use that service?”


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Recent comments

  • remo
    December 15, 2013 - 09:08

    Small private mail delivery and pick up service?

  • Susan Frellick-Perry
    December 14, 2013 - 20:18

    Mr, McSweeney is quoted as saying that there are service groups like Meals on Wheels that could be of value to assist those who cannot get to their CMB's when they are set up. In theory, this may be the case. But has Mr. McSweeney seen the many ads in the newspapers put in by many a service group recruiting volunteers? Has Mr. McSweeney been on the receiving end of cold calls, like my household, from service groups and/or charities recruiting volunteers? Has Mr. McSweeney read the many an article in the past year or two stating that establishments like the Legion, MS Society, Lobster Carnival are crying for volunteers? I know I have seen many an ad and article placed in papers by these same service groups and charities on more than one or two occasions trying to get volunteers to not much success. I have received more than a handful of cold calls from charities to canvass on their behalf. When asked where they obtained my name and number, the common answer is the phone book. So Mr. McSweeney, you feel that service groups will fill in the void?

  • Charmaine West
    December 14, 2013 - 20:10

    Why are comments being deleted and not recorded so that we may read them?

  • mfh2112
    December 14, 2013 - 20:00

    Not sure if where you get you info from but Canada Post has been profitable for the last 17 years with the exception of the last few due to the lockout in 2011 and the huge amount of money they put into restructuring the mail system to accommodate lettermail they now claim is disappearing. This move by the government and Canada Post is intended to push the only profitable public service off the cliff. To make people like yourselves believe privatization is the only thing that will save this service. Every public service that gets privatized further removes the public from affecting changes through the democratic process. If that is what you are in favour of then I guess you also cried at the loss of the 3rd Reich. Finally to suggest that volunteers at Meals On Wheels can deliver mail to seniors shows just how truly ignorant you are to the importance of protecting the private information of people.

  • Rob Rempel
    December 14, 2013 - 19:49

    For the thousandth time ... TAXPAYERS DO NOT SUBSIDIZE CANADA POST!!!

  • Dan O'Reilly
    December 14, 2013 - 17:10

    you really need to get your facts straight before shooting from the lip! Canada Post is NOT subsidized by taxpayer dollars and hasn't been since becoming a Crown Corporation in 1981! Rather, like every business, it has relied on its revenue base to fund operating expenses.