DFO confirming eligibility in snow crab lottery

Eric McCarthy
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ALBERTON – Out of approximately 440 eligible fishermen, 406 registered last week for the P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association’s annual snow crab lottery.

On Monday the PEIFA received notification from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans that its allocation this year is 415 metric tonne. Based on a five-tonne allocation per fisherman, that means 83 fishermen will benefit from this year’s lottery.

PEIFA managing director Ian MacPherson said names of fishermen drawn have been sent off to DFO to confirm their eligibility.

No fishermen whose licence has already been awarded an allocation and no displaced groundfish fisherman who already has a snow crab allocation is eligible for the draw.  

MacPherson expects to have confirmation by the end of this week. At that time a meeting will be set up between perspective buyers and the lottery winners, and a date will be set for the season. Once the winning fishermen choose a buyer for their five-tonne allocation, the buyers will hire crab boats to fish the quota.

“We will be watching the situation closely and will try to pick an optimum time where we can get a good price for everyone,” MacPherson said.

MacPherson said it is up to fishermen to choose whether they enter the lottery in any given year.

“Odds of winning are getting better,” he said, “and everyone knows they will win.”

Based on the number of fishermen who won this year’s lottery, only 357 will be eligible next year. No one can re-enter until all core fishermen have had a crack at the fishery.

The following is the list of the first 90 names drawn in last Thursday’s lottery (names beyond the first 83 only come into play if some of the earlier names drawn are deemed by DFO to be ineligible):

1       Rafferty         Gary    L.      Hardy's Channel

2       Kinnear David   Charles Georgetown

3       Creed   Eugene  Phillip Graham's Pond

4       Green   Michael B       Launching

5       King    Kent    Donald  Georgetown

6       O Hanley        Andrew  J.      Naufrage

7       Hackett Derek   Giles   Tignish Run

8       Doyle   Edward          Savage Harbour

9       MacLeod Steven  B.      Machon's Point

10      Mill     William         Malpeque

11      MacKenzie       John    D.      Malpeque

12      Gaudet  Thomas  Jos     Tignish Run

13      Bailey  Kevin   A       North Lake

14      Buote   Trudy           Tignish

15      Ashley  Tasha           Alberton

16      MacKenzie       Jonathan                Beach Point

17      Palmer  Noel    Richard Naufrage

18      Clohossey       Jamie   A       Miminegash

19      Dixon   Grant   William Graham's Pond

20      Burke   John     Francis Souris

21      Roberts Tommy   Lloyd   Covehead

22      Bryanton        Andrew          Nine Mile Creek

23      Llewellyn       Derril  B       Launching

24      Lannigan        Paul    William Sturgeon

25      Fitzgerald      Edward  Leslie  Higgins Wharf

26      MacDonald       Donald C                Nine Mile Creek

27      MacDonald       Michael A       North Lake

28      MacDonald       Charles  Melvin  Borden

29      Davison Lester          Malpeque

30      Ellsworth       James   Alfred  Miminegash

31      Fitzpatrick     Mike    J.       Fortune

32      Ahearn  James   Eldon   Borden

33      Boertien        Berend          Souris

34      Vaniderstine    Robert  E.       Graham's Pond

35      Hogan   Brian           Tignish Run

36      MacLeod Jay     G.      French River

37      MacDonald       Wesley   J       Naufrage

38      Williams        Kent            Milligan's Wharf

39      Locke   Jonathan                Northport

40      Fay     Stephen John    Tracadie

41      MacLean Sean            Murray Harbour

42      MacDonald       John     James   Murray Harbour

43      Runighan        Greg             Launching

44      Miller  Lewis           Naufrage

45      McInnis Stephen John    Tignish

46      MacNeill        Jeffrey  L.      North Lake

47      Robertson       Joey            North Lake

48      LeClair  Blair           Tignish Run

49      Mooney  Wayne   E.      Annandale

50      Wood    Paul            West Point

51      Hicken  Trevor  Dwayne  Naufrage

52      Gaudet  Brian   J       Jude's Point

53      Cheverie        Gerald          North Lake

54      Sorrey  Kenneth John    Naufrage

55      Jesso   David   Ambrose Sturgeon

56      Campbell        Wayne    Joseph  Souris

57      Wood    Blake           Beach Point

58      Blackett        Paul            Annandale

59      Smith   William J.      Hardy's Channel

60      Perry   Gordon  D.      Souris

61      Deagle  Robert  E.       Miminegash

62      Steele  Gerard  A.      Naufrage

63      Gosbee  Glen    Grafton Beach Point

64      Irving  Steven   Cameron Graham's Pond

65      Morrissey       Paul    J.       Seacow Pond

66      Condon  Bradley Merrill Graham's Pond

67      Campbell        Wayne   Jerome  Launching

68      Gillis  Larry   E       Graham's Pond

69      Chapman Kenneth R       Murray Harbour

70      Martin  Robin   Burden  Murray Harbour

71      Bonnell Andrew          North Lake

72      Peters  Alan    F.      Tracadie

73      Bernard Thomas  P       Skinner's Pond

74      MacNeill        Bruce           Beach Point

75      Steele  Danny    Jason   Graham's Pond

76      Carragher       Marcel  Charles Miminegash

77      Glover  Rupert  J       Murray Harbour

78      Nicolle Paul    Gavin   Machon's Point

79      Creamer Trevor          Fortune

80      Carter  Louis   P       Souris

81      LeClair  John    F       Tignish

82      McGrath Chris           Morell

83      Gaudet  Jody    Michael Tignish Run

84      Morrison        Fred    J.      Covehead

85      Mitchell        James   R.      Savage Harbour

86      Arsenault       Cory            Tignish Run

87      Manderson       John            Malpeque

88      Gormley Sara            Naufrage

89      Clow    David   Ray     Mink River

90      Gaudet  Joshua  B       Tignish Run

Organizations: Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Hardy's

Geographic location: Beach Point, P.E.I. Fishermen, North Lake Murray Harbour French River West Point Mink River

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Recent comments

  • TO DUH
    April 24, 2013 - 14:29

    You just lost your own argument. Why should anyone be allowed in the draw to fish crab if they are not geared up to fish crab as you say? Free money for nothing and people wonder why the fishery is going nowhere.

  • Duh
    April 24, 2013 - 05:47

    All Islanders that own a gear and CAN fish the crab if they choose and have a gear that has not won before can go right ahead and enter. Far as I know noone is stopping anyone from fishing the crab allotment. Financially it makes more sense to sell it if you are not geared up to fish crab. Great to see some women win though - I am sure they will be right out there trying to get their quota LMAO

    April 23, 2013 - 15:29

    Let's see if I get this right. These people do not fish crab. all they have to do is get their name draw and they see their quota to the highest bidder. Take the money to the bank and that is it. If this is the way it is done why do you need a lisense in the first place. If the winners of the draw just get money then why can't all Islanders enter the draw and get a chance to win some free money?

    • Phil Robertson
      April 24, 2013 - 07:19

      They should do the same with the lobster fishery. Fewer boats on the water, less fuel burned, fewer fishermen whining, same tastey lobster. Everyone happy happy happy.