Mayor shuffles committee chairs

Mike Carson
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SUMMERSIDE – In an unusual move, Summerside Mayor Basil Stewart has made changes in city council’s committee structure midway through the term.

Jeff Sullivan

Four committees will have new chairs in 2013.

Coun. Tina Mundy has been moved from human resources, legal affairs, heritage and culture to police, fire and emergency services.

Coun. Jeff Sullivan has been shuffled from electrical services to municipal works.

Stewart named Coun. Peter Holman to take the chair previously held by Mundy. Holman had been chair of police, fire and emergency services.

Coun. Frank Costa moves from municipal services to electrical services.

Several vice-chairs were also changed. Costa moves from economic development to financial services; deputy mayor Bruce MacDougall goes from electrical services to economic development; Coun. Ron Dowling moves from community services and recreation to human resources, legal affairs heritage and culture; Coun. Jim Steele moves from police, fire and emergency services to electrical services; Holman goes to police, fire and emergency services from financial services; and Sullivan moves from human resources, legal affairs, culture and heritage to community services and recreation.

“We made a few (changes),” Stewart said. “It was mentioned to me last year by quite a few of the councillors that we should probably change (chairmanships) every year.

“We’re small enough here where all councillors can participate in all the committee meetings and council meetings. We all work as a team. I think everybody is quite pleased.”

Stewart said there was nothing that occurred since council took office in 2010 that prompted the changes to the committee chairs.

“There was no particular reason,” the mayor said. “Maybe next Jan.1 we may make a few more (changes). All of the councillors show interest in all of the things that we’re dealing with.”

Some of the committee chairs were prepared to make recommendations to council on various issues. One of the most notable proposals is the governance and administration bylaw from Mundy and Sullivan through the human resources, legal affairs, culture and heritage committee. This proposed bylaw sets out clear guidelines and definitions beginning with the chief administrative officer, right down the line to other city staff, and includes city council. Mundy and Sullivan are no longer on that committee and the question of the future of that bylaw is uncertain.

“All of that stuff will be processed,” Stewart said. “All of those things that we’re working on will continue, and hopefully, we’ll get them finished up over the next couple of months.

“Councillors, basically, have gotten along fairly well,” he added.





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Recent comments

  • Finally someone tells it as it is
    January 08, 2013 - 08:02

    Anyone who wants to know exactly what is going on please read the Editorial in todays Journal January 8, 2013. This is our Mayor at his best, getting rid of the Councilors he can't control, Mundy & Sullivan have worked very hard to put a By-Law in place to deal with all the mismanagement that has plaqued our City for years, Frank Costa & Cory Thomas have tried to stop this foolish Smart Grid Idea ot getting involved in Private Enterprise, all issues the Mayor in his small City Big Ideas comes up with. The millions wasted on the Griffin Fiasco, Concert failure, now more millions on smart grid and no By-Law in place to hold anyone accountable, what an excuse for a Chief Magistrate, the other Mayors in Canada must be shking thier heads. For Dowling, Steele, Holman and MacDougall to support such a leader speaks volumes of their ability to run a municipality and properly protect taxpayers money in the best interest of the City.

    • elmer fud
      January 08, 2013 - 16:00

      Intelligent conversations going once again in the comment section. What a waste of time. Stop sulking and get over it. Life goes on. Not surprised with a few negative complainers around here. Most people don't complain for a living. Except for the few yahoos on the blogs.

  • Municipal Politics
    January 07, 2013 - 12:22

    The only shuffle this Mayor should be doing is out the door of City Hall along with Deputy Mayor MacDougall, and take Councilors Holman, Steele & Dowling(PEI Sheriff) with him, known these days as the gang if five, what a spineless bunch of overpaid people, I am still waiting for their promises of transparency & accountability, which was their platform during the last election, until our so called longest serving Mayor pursuaded them. When you travel across Canada the first question people ask is"where did your City get such a bunch", we say just add this to Mayor Stewarts legacy, thats another waste of energy. Old Boys Club soon to be run out. Nice to know we have four honest Councilors trying to do what is right and living up to their promise of change, eventually they will all come out on top. Goodbye Steele & Holman, what a mess you two have created.

  • John W.A. Curtis
    January 06, 2013 - 22:15

    Journal Pioneer protecting Summerside Police by not reporting stories about Summerside Police and Police Committee

  • John W.A.Curtis
    January 06, 2013 - 06:33

    Basil Stewart opposed a Police Commission and Summerside Police Services had evidence excluded in the Ford case but there are no changes.

    January 05, 2013 - 17:37

    Excellent, keep moving them arouund. We wouldn't want them to actually understand what their duties are would we?

  • summersidereident
    January 05, 2013 - 12:23

    I think they should all get shuffled ...................right out the door!

  • jeff
    January 05, 2013 - 06:51

    change is good and a new mayor next election.would also be good.but basil should still stay as councillor for his experiance.time to slow down old age setting in.

  • Concerned
    January 05, 2013 - 06:08

    Mayor Stewarts unusual move really bothers me, not much mention od the much needed change in the responsibilities of the CAO position and communication between senior management ,Council and more so the public. This weak excuse of senior management running the Mayor and Council for the last number of years certainly has caused great embarrassment to the entire City, this should have been a priority when the new Council was elected over two years ago, now another big delay, persoannly I would say Coun Mundy & Sullivan were on the right track of doing the right thing, now they get yanged to to speak. Surely this Mayor with his self proclaimed legacy has learned by now his only responsibility is to break a tie, the rest of Council are voted in to manage the City. One only has to revisit what the Mayor and past CAO tried to do to the past Deputy Chief of Police David Griffin and than the Concert Fiasco, both miserable failures, one attacking an innocent man with false charges and than giving away $2.1 millions dollars to a concert showing just how smart they really are. Less than two years away and than the Old Boys Club will be history. One payback would be for the past Deputy Chief of Police to run for municipal polictics, Mayor Stewart and the present Chief of Police David Poirier, who laid false charges against Griffin would take a step back than, they would get exactly what they deserve, but there will be an end and both of them will get theirs.

  • John W. A. Curtis
    January 04, 2013 - 20:24

    Evidence was excluded in the Ford case and little has been done by the mayor and city council to change the police force.. Summerside should disband its' police force