Teen Scene PEI: What Advice do you Have for Students Entering High School?; MacDougall

Josh MacDougall
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High school is a major step in everyone's life, the last three years before the rest of the world suddenly decides that yes, you have become an adult. And its in this relatively short period of time that you truly will find out a lot about yourself, and what you want to be in life. To everyone that's going to be experiencing this new world for the first time in September, I have one key bit of advice that has helped me through countless situations and problems:

Be yourself. In high school, the world has suddenly become much bigger, much more fun, and certainly much different place then what junior high was. Friends and relationships can begin to take up just as much time as all the extra studying, and its now more important than ever to know what your boundaries are, and what kind of person you want to be. If you want to go far and get a PhD in University, don't hold back, and don't let others hold you back. Stare your dreams in the face and realize what you have to do to accomplish them. The only person who can make decisions for you is YOU. No matter what peer pressure tries to force on you, or what people may think, always do what you think is right. 

High school is all about choices, and there is no wrong ones. Just make the best choices you can. With friends by your side, and a smile on your face, high school blues will never get you down.

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