Teen Scene PEI: Who do you Think is a Positve Leader?; Stratton

Keith Stratton
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What makes a positive leader? Responsibility, consistency, and charisma.


A leader must earn the trust of their followers by sticking to their word and proving their honesty. If they don't show respect to the ones who are listening to them, how could they themselves expect to be respected in turn? Organizational skills are a key factor as well. A good leader must always be on the ball and be aware of what's going on around them.


Consistency is another way of attaining trust. If a leader is to always stick to their word, then they have to think through everything they say before they say it. Before making a promise or even a suggestion, they should consider the realistic consequences ahead of time and envision how their promise could actually be accomplished. If every leader followed up on their word and thought rationally, there would be no major disappointments.


Incredibly, the deciding factor for the majority of elected leaders is charisma. Charisma can be defined by anything as ambiguous as the leader's physical appearance, their speaking style, cleanliness, family life, mannerisms and idiosyncrasies, political or religious views, or just about any personal detail that is enough to separate them from the crowd. Charisma is what can set off the career of any major celebrity, in any field.


Perhaps politically, voters would have more satisfaction with their leaders if they paid a little less attention to their outward charisma, and more on their responsibility and consistency.

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Recent comments

  • Brian Eno
    July 08, 2011 - 06:21

    This writer understands the truth about leaders in our history. Some turn out to be wonderful role models and some, though very powerful, lead us in the wrong direction. Jesus, Napoleon, Hitler, Mandela, G. Steimen, Martin Luther King Jr and James T. Kirk to name a few. Thanks for the reminder.