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Lucas Olscamp
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I will not accept the perception of living in a society where a leader must be a celebrity or politician or someone who makes a massive change to our world. A leader is not just someone who stands up for environmental sustainability or world peace, but can be anyone like you and I. Leaders who walk the streets every day and make change in the world without even knowing. I have realized in my short time so far on this earth that every action and choice we make greatly affects our lives and the lives of others. That we can choose to be leaders each day in even the most simplest of tasks.

Leaders are people who live. People who truly live their lives to the very fullest and suck up every single moment of life like a sponge to the crashing waves of the sea. Each person holds a strong and powerful energy that propels itself into the universe and back into us. This energy is connected on a deeper level to every single materialized thing there is, even the air itself. By making this energy a positive energy within ourselves, even in simple every day chores or routines, we are pushing this positivity into the world. I believe this positive energy that we all hold is a leading direction in all lives. That each of us affects others and that true leaders are sometimes the ones who know when it is best to follow the flow of the world.

I believe even in times when one of us may stand up to speak for others and move for change in our society and we praise them as leaders there is still so many leaders of everyday who go unseen. Leaders who hold a door open for you at the grocery store or leaders who sing songs to your children at a summer camp. Our world is united. Our people are leaders in the universe. I am a positive leader of my own life. We are all positive leaders in this one cradle of life that holds us all. 

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Recent comments

  • JED
    July 19, 2011 - 08:24

    Wow! - Really like and enjoy this young man's energetic writing style! Thank you Lucas.

    • John MacAllar
      August 06, 2011 - 06:20

      Very well said Lucas !! A great deal of truth in the words you write!!