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Lydia Banks
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I think that the legal drinking age in Canada should remain the same.  I do not believe that it would make that much of an impact if it was raised or lowered.  Frankly, the law does not dictate morality, and many people believe that it is alright for them to drink before they reach the legal age.  I personally do not condone this idea, but it can be clearly seen in society, not only today but in the past. 

The Prohibition in the 1920s, which banned the production and selling of alcohol, did not see great results.  People seemed to have the mindset that they were entitled to do what they wanted with their bodies, whether it disregarded the law or not.  This same mentality is seen today, not only concerning the legal drinking age but also with bylaws such as speed limits.  People think that they are not hurting anyone when they speed or drink illegally, yet they are putting themselves and others at risk.  Laws are created for our own good and also for the benefit of others. 

Drinking at a young age can lead to drunk driving and also to addictions, which could otherwise possibly be avoided.  It also gives people the idea that they are above the law.  Rather than changing the law, I believe that people’s perception of drinking needs to be changed.  People need to be aware of the dangers of alcohol and also to respect the authority which has put these laws in place. 

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Recent comments

  • Teen
    June 09, 2011 - 17:48

    Personally, drinking and driving is not going to be a problem. Why? Because if you have a license, you are in a Graduated Driver's Licensing (GDL) program which has a zero tolerance policy until the final stage, which they will allow 0.08. Most teens will find a drive or will take a taxi to where they want to go drinking. Personally, I would like to see the law changed because if you leave it at 19, the younger generation (under 19) will want to follow the elders and drink, but if you were to lower the drinking age, it would not be as bad :)

    • Lydia Banks
      June 16, 2011 - 09:31

      I never said that teens would be drinking and driving. I was saying that drinking at a young age could lead to that in the future, as it would promote a more casual view of alcohol and its consequences. Also, getting another drive to go drinking is still not responsible. It is still breaking the law. We can't just change the law because teens would find it more convenient. If people ever want the law changed, then maybe they should respect it first.