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Lucas Olscamp
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Personally I believe the legal drinking age should remain at the age level it is now, which is nineteen years old. I think our society has run well with that restriction and any lowering or rising of the age limit would only cause conflict and frustrations among Canadians. Many adolescents choose to drink illegally as they are under the required legal drinking age but this is a choice that adolescents may choose to do and just because of the large quantity that do, does not mean the required age should be lowered. I think many people believe that there’s no use to have the legal drinking age at nineteen if this quantity of people are going to drink before the legal age anyway, but I believe we do need proper restrictions in order to maintain order. In many European cultures the legal drinking age is far lower than in Canada and I believe many of the youth in those cultures have grown to respect drinking and drink responsibly. I think Canada is not ready for such a drastic change as lowering the legal drinking age and our culture has not adapted to the responsibility of younger drinkers. Why reward adolescents who are already breaking the restriction by lowering it?

The strong argument for the legal drinking age and those that choose to drink before it is that many adolescents strive to have what they are told they cannot. Sometimes having the restriction and the rarity of alcohol for their age inspires a rebellious tone in personalities. Those adolescents want to drink because they are told they can’t. There are also many other adolescents who grow up with easier access or less restriction to alcohol and grow a respect for it and do not desire to consume alcohol in such large quantities as many more choose to do. Irresponsible drinking in Canada has led to many drivers driving under the influence and also dangerous conditions for such young minds in general. The effects of alcohol are very severe temporarily and over time to the human mind, but for an adolescent mind, they are far more severe. I believe it takes further maturity and respect to drink responsibly, and not just to get drunk.

The legal drinking age has been a restriction which has caused controversy with many Canadians but I believe has been a strong and well maintained regulation. Choosing to defy the age is a choice, but I do not believe lowering or rising the legal age will solve any problems in our present day society. .

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