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Lindsay Connolly
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Although the current legal drinking age is 19, many teenagers across Canada ignore it. Some might say that the drinking age should be lowered to 15, because that's when a lot of teens start drinking anyways. I personally disagree with that because there are a lot of young adults who are not mature enough to deal with the consequences drinking gives.


I believe that the drinking age should be 18. I think it's wrong that we're considered adults, and we're allowed to join the army, but we're not allowed to drink until a full year later. Canada's drinking age is much better than the United States' drinking age though, since theirs is 21. Chances are that each young adult will be in a situation, well before they're 19 or 21, where they will be at a party with an abundance of alcohol around. They must make that decision themselves whether they will disobey the law and drink with their friends, or whether they will wait for the appropriate age to do so.


I'm not saying that every teenager drinks, but there are a lot of them who do not have the patience to wait a few years in order to sample their first alcoholic drink. In the European countries, many of the drinking ages are around 15 years of age, if they even have a drinking age. It is expected there that the teenagers have the maturity to deal with the effects of alcohol. I don't know why the age limit is the way it is in Canada, maybe Canadians just don't trust their youth the same way the Europeans do, but it is fairly obvious that the legal age of 19 does not work very well, as more and more young adults begin to drink alcohol even though they know they are disobeying the law. 

Geographic location: Canada, United States

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