Teen Scene PEI: What Do You Think the Legal Drinking Age Should Be?; Stratton

Keith Stratton
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In my opinion, the legal drinking age on PEI should be lowered from 19 to 18. At age 18, Canadians are already allowed to vote, so if the government is trusting teenagers with the responsibility of making decisions for their country, they should already be expected to make safe decisions for themselves.


By age 18, most teenagers are out of high school or just about finished, so it wouldn't be like introducing legal alcohol to high school parties. Some other Canadian provinces and many countries have their drinking ages set at 18 or lower, and there is no real reason for PEI to have it a year older. One advantage of lowering the age to 18 is that it would cut down on the amount of underage teens trying to get into bars and nightclubs, which in turn would lower the amount of 18 year olds facing trouble with the police.

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