Teen Scene PEI - What would you do with a Million Dollars; Banks

Lydia Banks
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“If I had a million dollars, I would buy Justin Bieber’s love.  But he has way more money than that, so I guess it wouldn’t go that far.  If I had a million dollars, I would buy a million Kit-Kat bars.  But I would probably die before I ate them all, so it really wouldn’t go that far.  If I had a million dollars, I’d be less than rich.”

In all seriousness, a million dollars does not go as far as it once did.  If I was given a million dollars, I would not waste it all on material items that will eventually go to waste.  The first way that I would use the money would be to set aside tuition for Harvard.  Assuming that I will be accepted, I would then pay for all of the accompanying expenses such as an apartment and the cost of living for four years. 

After covering the budget that an Ivy League education entails, I would donate money to Grace Christian School.  As I have been attending since kindergarten, I have realized the true value of the school and would like to give back a small amount in comparison to the vast knowledge and wisdom that their staff has given me. 

 I do not have a particular preference of how I would like to spend the rest of the money, but I have always wanted to spend large amounts of money performing random acts of kindness towards others.  The real value of money lies only in the rewards that you can garner from it, and many times giving to others is the most self-satisfying reward one can receive. 


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