How do you think the classes you have selected for your final year in high school will affect your adult life?

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By Kelsey Young

Choosing classes for next year can either be stressful or require no effort at all. There are many things to have to keep in mind, such as how they will be useful in the future and planning ahead can make choosing classes easier. Taking fun courses can seem worthwhile at the time, but chances are they won’t help much when it comes to eventually getting a job.

The main reason we go to school is to learn basic skills so we can learn to survive on our own and to be able to get a job. Reading, writing, and basic math are the three most important subjects learned in school and by the time we can choose our own courses we’ve already learned the minimum we need to know. After years of not being in control of what we learn, getting to take command can be somewhat daunting. Taking History instead of Math has the potential to be what stands between us and our dream job.

There are many opportunities out there to take supplemental classes, so do our choices of classes for next September really make much of a difference? It’s doubtful they do. There is a possibility that not taking a certain course could rule out certain jobs or college programs, but that could be rectified by simply going back to school for another semester.

While it’s true that the classes we pick will have an impact on our adult lives, that doesn’t mean it has to be in a negative way. Not getting what we want out of a job right away is about as bad as it gets. Waiting another year isn’t the end of the world and sometimes it’s hard to see that just because we want something right now, doesn’t mean we’ll get it.

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