Do you think you would benefit from mandatory physical education in schools?

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By Valerie Duguay

Not only is it important to be in shape for your body but also for your mind. Sure, you can learn a lot of things on the Internet, but you don't really exercise or eat healthy foods when you are on the Internet or playing video games. Here are some quick tips to help you keep healthy in your everyday life.

I love playing video games, but I also know how important it is to do physical activity. Some days, I just grab my iPod and go for a walk or even ride my bike to the beach. It can sometimes be harder for you to do physical activity in the winter time. You can always play Just Dance on your Wii or even grab a couple friends and go swimming at your local swimming pool. If you love playing video games like me, try to include them when you are being active.

Since you are at school a lot, it is important for your school to have options to help keep you in shape. For example, schools can have healthy lunch options at the cafeteria or can organize sports and classes that offer you a lot of physical activity. And if you don't have that many after school sports or even fun games to play at recess, talk to your principal about being active in sports or games at your school. It’s much more fun to play soccer after school than to stay at home on your couch and watch television.

Whether you do it by yourself or within your school, it is important to keep active. Your health is important for you now but also in the future, near or far, so keep in mind that if your body will be healthy if you keep being physically active.

Valerie Duguay is a writer for Teen Scene and Grade 11 student at École Évangéline.


Organizations: Thomas MacDougall, Grace Christian School, SHAPES Bluefield High School

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