Do you think you benefit from teachers having PD days?

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Asking if students benefit from teachers having more PD days, is like asking if there are any stars in the sky, of course! Teachers are just like students, they too need to learn. For those who ask, what is a PD day? PD stands for Professional Development. When teachers attend these, they go to workshops, seminars, get to speak or listen to educational experts and talk about ideas. Going to PD days challenge teachers to do better and give suggestions on how to reach their higher potential.

Everyone in the school environment can benefit from teachers attending more PD days because it would help teachers have new and more exciting ways to teach that will help students want to get more involved in their courses. Students aren’t the only ones that need to be tested on what they remember, teachers can stay up to date with the knowledge they acquired in their early years of education as well as develop new skills by attending PD days.

From experience, when a teacher teaches the same thing repeatedly in the same manor, it doesn’t help a person that does understand learn the concept and it tends to get very boring. During PD days, teachers can learn new ways for helping visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learners understand better. Everyone’s different, and not everyone learns in the same way. There is a need for a place teachers can go to share ideas on how to help students learn, and this is the place. Teachers and students both benefit from PD days. Teachers are refreshed and inspired, students are happy that they can strive to do better, all because their teacher has new ideas, as well as interesting and different teaching strategies.

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