Do you think you benefit from teachers having PD days?

Hannah McGaughey
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I quite enjoy PD days, as I’m sure most students do. Though the subject of PD days is controversial, with some people saying there are too many and others saying they are too few, I am a fan of them, for the most part (If I’m completely honest with you, the benefit I truly enjoy is the day off from school).

It is my opinion that, unfortunately, many teachers are not as qualified as they should be in certain areas. I feel that that the process of becoming qualified to be a teacher should be much more rigorous (after all, they are shaping the future). If teachers were trained at a higher level during post-secondary education, would several days annually dedicated to training be necessary later on down the road? The short answer would be no. However (as we do not live in this idealistic world), I am all in favour of teachers and school administrators to take advantage of PD days to attend seminars in order to “spruce-up” their skills. These days allow students to devote extra time to school work or just relax, and they allow for teachers to catch up on missed work, make lesson plans, etc. Teachers are indeed people too, and I highly doubt their idea of an enjoyable weekend consists of grading papers and PD days do allow for some extra time to work on things that they would otherwise have to do during their down time.

To put it bluntly, I feel if the process of becoming a teacher was held to a higher standard, PD days would not be needed as frequently. But, because the requirements to be a teachers are set at the parameter they are, I feel PD days are beneficial.

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