What can youth do to tackle cyberbullying before it goes too far?

Sydney Huizing
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On Friday January 17, 2014, The Stop Cyber-bullying organization got together with Premier Ghiz to take a step forward against cyber-bullying in Canada. Students from all over PEI have been working with Parry Aftab ever since the beginning of the school year. Stop Cyber-bullying is a youth led group that is passionate about helping kids who are hurting. In November there was a Summit where many big name companies such as Microsoft and Google sent representatives to speak and accept input to help lessen the percentage of cyber-bullying going on in the world.

When the students went to present their initiative and action plan they didn’t have much time to explain to Premier Ghiz everything that they wanted too. They did, although, give him a letter stating some of their plans and hopes, and they also gave him a packet of their action plan. Ghiz, mentioned multiple times that he was happy to go through and look at all of the Cyber-bully committee’s plans, and that he was looking forward to working with them in the future.

One main goal that Stop Cyber-bullying Canada wants to take charge of is having a live helpline with advice for kids in need of help when they are being cyber-bullied. They also want to have this youth led.

All of the things that the cyber-bullying group is doing great, but they can’t do it all on their own. Cyber-bullying isn’t just going to stop because some teens are being involved in tackling some things on the island. This organization needs to spread, and awareness needs to spread. People need to know that cyber-bullying hurts. It doesn’t only hurt the victim, but it hurts everyone around them. Parents, family, friends, the target, and the bully are all hurt when it comes to cyber-bullying. The main thing that people need to do is recognize that cyber-bullying is wrong. Then the community needs to tell everyone how much it affects people. Once that happens, then there is actually a chance at stopping cyber-bullying. But until then, kids and adults won’t realize how severe it is.

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