What can youth do to tackle cyberbullying before it goes too far?

Riley DesRoche
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I think to really change cyber bullying you need to change people’s perception on bullying. As long as someone will get gratification from their peers for making a cruel joke, they will continue to do so. Sites like Facebook, where everything you say gets around too hundreds of people are terrible for bullying because, instead of an isolated incident where you would be inclined to help, what you say is subject to being judged by people you may not even know.

The reason that people are not harassing others so much is because our culture has changed as a society; we now know how awful harassment really is and on some scale we have all been the victim of it. Why i believe everyone seems to partake in it is because the prospect of getting likes on a status for a snide remark is instantly gratifying. To stop cyber bullying, we as students need to totally invest in a culture that cares less about vanity and more about our peers

It cannot, and will not happen if there are still rewards for cruelty. If everyone stopped liking the rude comments and statuses, and more people where courageous enough to try and stop the situation, this would not be an issue. Unfortunately changing how people perceive situations is not an easy task and will take a lot of time and effort, but i as a student have already seen a significant improvement. More and more rude comments are being exposed as unnecessary and there are less and less incidents because of it. People don't be cruel for the sake of hurting someone; they do it for a sense of acceptance, so if we stop accepting it we can put an end to cyber bullying.

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