What can youth do to tackle cyberbullying before it goes too far?

Valerie Duguay
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Most teenagers have cell phones or even their own laptops. With this new technology comes cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is not uncommon for most teenagers because it’s so much easier to call people names over the Internet. People like to talk big on the Internet or via text and it had to stop. Here’s how.

Victims and witnesses need to be empowered and to take control of the situation. Sometimes kids feel weak, so they bully the weaker kids to make them feel more powerful. Victims and witnesses should be encouraged to stand up for themselves and say, “This isn’t fair, and I’m not going to let this happen to me or to anyone else.” Victims and witnesses should not sit back and do nothing about it out of fear of being called a tattletale by the bullies themselves.

Parents should monitor what their children are saying to other people on the Internet and via text. Kids who cyber bully usually don’t get punished for what they say on the Internet. Bullies can say anything and often get away with it. Block or even delete bullies from your Facebook, Twitter, and cell phones, so they can’t bother you anymore. Tell your parents or even a teacher you trust. Trust me, once you let someone in and tell them what’s happening, you’ll feel a lot better. And, hopefully, the bullies will face the consequences of their actions, and the cyber bullying will come to an end.

The Internet and cyber bullying follow you everywhere, whether you’re at home or at school. Countless victims have suffered at the hands of bullies who hide behind a computer or a cell phone. It is time for victims, witnesses, and parents to take control of the situation and stop cyber bullying.

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