What can youth do to tackle cyberbullying before it goes too far?

Jonathan Anderson
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Today everything is done online shopping, talking with friends, learning, but with such great things there is always downsides. One of the biggest problems from the internet is Cyber Bullying; whether this happens anonymously or by using your own name.  Some people would not believe this to be a problem because it isn’t something that physically or mentally happens to someone directly but through a device such as a computer or a phone. 

Some people also believe the simple solution to this would be to just stop reading what people say about you but the problem with this lays in the fact that most bullies crave an audience so they spread rumors. When people talk face to face it’s easy for a lie to slip up but when you have plenty of time to revise what you are going to say you can make any lie foolproof.

They always tell children that when they are being bullied to tell someone, so why wouldn’t that apply here.  If you tell an adult or a teacher things will change for the better it does not make you a weak person, it makes you a strong person for being able to stand up for yourself.  If you are a person that is being abused by a stranger online remove yourself from the equation and don’t use that website or report the person for what they are doing, because most sites have a system for these types of people.  The only advice I could give parents or anyone to spot cyber bullying would be if your child comes home from school happy and then is suddenly sad or disinterested after using a computer there is a reason so ask them about it.  So please talk to your children and safe browsing.

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