UPSE president raises concerns over liquor sales

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The government has raised concerns for the public's safety after liquor sales at agency stores' popularity hit the Island a year ago.
The president of the P.E.I. Union of Public Sector Employees said there's a huge difference in safety when people have the proper training.

"Government-run liquor commission stores have special training to ID people under age and under the influence," said Debbie Bovyer.

She's seen instances where persons who looked under 25 were not asked for ID, which is their policy, and said the stores have fewer checks and balances for safety.

"We're saying they're there to make a profit for the owners. Alcohol is better run in stores where government agencies have a responsibility to protect the public's safety," she said.

She said they have tighter control but the agency stores offer convenience and sometimes better pricing for the public.

"It's better than going all the way into town for a fellow who lives out in the country," said a customer of Mel's Convenience Store.

"It's good for my convenience, but I buy it from both stores," said another customer.

Bovyer said it's concerning for alcohol to be in a child's eye view but customers said it's not a concern for them.

Another concern Bovyer had was profit.

In the past year liquor commission stores sold less than expected.

"We want to prevent further erosion with liquor stores," she said.

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Recent comments

    February 18, 2014 - 11:40

    "Government-run liquor commission stores have special training to ID people under age and under the influence," said Debbie Bovyer." Do they get special traing to say "can I see your ID please"? Your falling down and slurring your words and you pi**ed in your pants, I think you have enough to drink. My mother never had special training and she could tell if I smelled a cork. What a crock. The agencey stores outsold the government ones they replaced, that's why the union is complaining. The government stores should be training their employees in customer satisfaction, not customer harassment or tryng to scare them into thinking only they can ask to see ID. They probably got a pay raise after taking the "can I see your ID course. What a ridiculous thing to say, this from the President of UPSE.

  • jus saying
    February 15, 2014 - 15:38

    this is just crap coming from a union head trying to save union jobs. There is nothing wrong with letting these other stores compete with the govt ones.

  • don
    February 15, 2014 - 14:58

    Debbie Bovyer as long as the government is making a profit who cares about the age of kids buying booze. they have friends working at these country stores and puts per presure on them to sell the booze. but wes gets the tax,and profit,fine money etc that is all that counts. and the government has proved that by not giving training to the country stores. so what does that tell you? you see thje ones they own they are liberal for the age thing but the rest is on there own.