Frig off winter, you can’t have my garden

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So I’m learning to have a love/hate relationship with the fall.

On one hand, everything in the garden, in which I’ve invested so much time and effort, is finally ready to harvest. The cycle of life is at its peak, it’s most beautiful.

But it also means that all that hard work will start its inevitable decline. The lush garden begins its transformation into a barren wasteland of dead husks. It’s all rather depressing.

And frankly it pisses me off.

Why should all my hard work get wiped out my an ornery Mother Nature?

So last year, seeking a way to deal with that depression, I stole out to the garden and tore out a piece of my hard work. I dug up several plants from my herb bed and transplanted them into pots.

I’d had no prior experience in growing plants indoors (nothing I’ll admit to anyway), but my mother assured me it could be done or at least attempted.

I planted two kinds of plants in each elongated pot; pairing lemon balm with lavender and oregano with parsley. I put a little bundle of thyme in a pot on its own.

I have no idea if these plants go well together and I honestly didn’t expect them to survive anyway.

But they did.

I put them on the windowsill of the sunniest room we have and pretty much left them to do their thing.

I’d water them every few days and give each a shot of liquid fertilizer once every two months.

To my surprise they turned out quite well.

They didn’t grow much during the winter proper, but since the days have started getting longer, they’ve really been sprouting new growth.

Caring for these fragrant little plants has been easy as pie and I highly recommend moving some of your herb garden indoors this year.

Throwing some herbs on a sunny windowsill is probably the easiest way to stick it to Mother Nature and Old Man Winter.

But there are other ways.

I’ve started researching some really neat stuff like hydroponics, aquaponics and raised bed winter growing.

We’ll see who has the last laugh. 

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