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In the immortal words of Bender Bending Rodriguez: “I’m back, baby!”

That’s right, folks. Welcome to V.2.0 of my Mud Soup gardening blog.

This is where I share all the misadventures and triumphs of a novice gardener.

I kept Mud Soup V.1.0 updated all last summer, however, when TC Media launched its new websites they automatically turned off all their active blogs.

Since it was winter anyway, I left Mud Soup alone for a while.

But, it’s now spring and that means I can start my garden again!

(Pause for applause.)

First, a little reintroduction is in order for anyone who may have missed out on the blog last year.

My name is Colin Roger MacLean, 28, only child of Brenda and Roddie MacLean; Grandson of Lois and Clinton Leard of Tryon and Campsie and Roger MacLean of Southwest Lot 16.

I include the family tree stuff because, well, this is P.E.I. and half the time that’s how people know you anyway.

This will be my second year putting in a garden.

A couple of years ago I developed this obsession with growing as much of my own food as possible.

Not really sure why, but I’m just kind of rolling with it. I’ve been calling it my quarter life crisis.

My ultimate goal is to have a small hobby farm: big vegetable and fruit garden, chickens, couple of goats and a small herd of mini cows – THERE ARE MINI COWS NOW! Check them out:

Last year’s garden was a big success, I learned a lot and will be putting what I learned to good use this year.

I had a tremendous haul of tomatoes, sweet peppers and onions – but that’s about it. This year’s mission will be to diversify the garden, work on perfecting the tomato and pepper growing and maybe try a few new things.

I’ve got some neat ideas, but I’ll get more into that as the spring goes on.

My next post will probably be a list of some of the things I learned last year; today I just wanted to let any potential readers know that I’m back in business.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Shawna MacAusland
    March 26, 2014 - 18:32


  • KCook
    March 25, 2014 - 14:41

    Awesome! I'll be looking forward to reading this... especially if we are lucky enough to actually advance to the 'mud soup' aspect of spring.